parking lot of turf tavern with van on left

buffet spread with cheeses and fruit

man icing cake outside under a tent

close-up of cheeses and crackers

stacked plates and vegetables

taking lot of turf tavern showing sign in foreground

beer taps

catering wine bottles and champagne

catering space showing tables and covered chairs in white

strawberry salad dish

catering space set for event

catering event showing floral centerpiece

catering staff standing at a table in tuxes and chef whites

outside catering event with table set

watermelon slice and watermelon drink in a large glass

two dinners side by side

large group in event space

pots full of food on stove

meats and alcohol bottles

large buffet spread

easter buffet spread

catering staff dressed up on steps

beef and salmon and salad

woman in blue icing a cake

shrimp on a salad

large staff dressed in black with one woman wearing bunny ears

jack daniels, maple syrup and salmon

two steak dinners on square plates side by side

large group raising glasses for a toast

two men and a woman at the Turf Tavern bar

catering table with beautiful flowers and candles lit

large catering space showing covered tables and chairs

woman and man at a table in the Turf Tavern

event space with set tables and chairs

buffet space showing carving station with chef serving food

large buffet spread

Spring buffet spread

Easter buffet spread

catering staff member woman in event space

catering staff at bar

chef at catering event

lit birthday cake with chocolate frosting

seven individuals around a birthday cake to celebrate a 90th birthday

cakes on sheet trays

chocolate cake with white frosting

yummy steams over mashed potatoes

carving station with staff member and catering event guest

event space with blue tablecloths and fireplace in the background